Les Paul in Progress

The photo diary here was originally posted on Project guitar, but it died when fullserve (the free image host I was using) broke. Over the next few days/weeks I’ll be re-building the diary, so check back if you’re interested in seeing how the pile of wood (left) became a shiny guitar (right).

Raw Timber Shiny guitar

The format is pretty much as it was originally, including dates, but with much of the chatter and interjections removed, and any questions and answers moved together for easy reading.

Updated 19/03/05

  • Page 1: The wood arrives & work on the neck is roughed out.
  • Page 2: The trussrod is fitted & head is shaped and veneered.
  • Page 3: Work starts on the body, thicknessing and chambering.
  • Page 4: The neck is fitted and the top carved.
  • Updated 20/03/05

  • Page 5: Fretboard is bound and inlaid.
  • Page 6: Fretting.
  • Page 7: The body is routed for controls and pickups.
  • Updated 01/04/05

  • Page 8: Heel and headstock are shaped.
  • Page 9: The Sunburst is sprayed (twice) and the fretboard attached.

  • Updated 16/05/05

  • Page 10: The back of the neck is carved, and the back and sides finished.
  • Page 11: The guitar is buffed out and completed.